Day 1

It is still a strange feeling not to go to work. Wondering how long it takes to get used to it. Anyway:

1st day in the Philippines. So many things ahead of us to do:

  • Check the apartment that is not occupied yet for damage after the last typhoon
  • Clarify visa status
  • Prepare documents to get back pension money from Japan
  • Check out what is in the luggage
  • Hope that the Balikbayan boxes don’t get lost
  • Look around for apartment or house
  • Prepare address change documents for insurances, banks, German pension, …

That’s just what spins around in my head right now. Let’s take the challenge step by step.





2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Bernhard Schürmann

    Hallo Bernd.
    How is your life now after 1 year in the Philippines?
    We are planning to come there to visit my son in March 16. He has moved Feb 15.
    Would be great to meet you again.


    1. beegee1962 Post author

      Hello Bernhard,

      Still enjoying my retirement. At the moment waiting to get my permanent Visa. The process is not difficult, it just takes a long time. Waiting now already 5 weeks for information if my application is approved. If you come to the Philippines, let me know, maybe we can meet somewhere in Manila.

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